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My groupwork schedule for 2013 follows:

Sex, Love & Relationships Couples Group with an optional extra day for Queens Birthday Weekend. Assisted by Simon Parkinson-Jones.

Where: Kimi Ora Health Resort - Kaiteriteri www.kimiora.com

When: May 31st - June 2nd Friday 7pm to Sunday 4pm. Max 20 participants.

Cost: $465pp plus $45 for the extra night on Sunday.

This group will utilise groupwork, along with psychodramatic methods and principles, to warm up to all matters relating to couple functioning including intimacy, sex, loving, being loved and communication. Participants will be able to take a long weekend in the middle of winter to nourish themselves, with an optional extra day built in on Monday to relax and enjoy the facilities at Kimi Ora and the Abel Tasman Park with its golden sand beaches.

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Two Life Review Groups in 2013 - Weekend Residentials at Kimi Ora Health Resort - Kaiteriteri www.kimiora.com.

May 10th - 12th Friday 7pm to Sunday 4pm Cost $395pp
September 20th - 22nd Friday 7pm to Sunday 4pm Cost $395pp

To bring extra significance, clarity, joy and meaning to your life, it can be greatly beneficial to examine and reflect on your past. In doing this, you can free yourself from that which can impede on your current quality of life.

Quote from Victor Frankl:

Everything you have in your life can be taken from you except one thing-your freedom to respond to the situation you are in. This is what determines the quality of the life we live, not our circumstances.

In these groups you will have the opportunity to reflect on earlier experiences in life, your current situation and your future. With the aid of the group, the group leader, and the psychodramatic method you can contemplate how the past may be affecting your current life and bring about repair. Then you can move towards a future free from that which constrains you and more easily fulfill your potential.

Comments from participants on a Life Review Group held at Kimi Ora - September 2012:

"Extraordinary really. I feel very priviliged to have experienced both your very skillful facilitation and the contribution of everyone which has helped shift me from a stuck place to view the future with hope"

"Loved the authenticity, the universal themes, the heart touching humanity, the hope, the method of process, opportunity to be defenceless. You created a warm accepting healing environment"

"Appreciated the respect and care shown by all to each other, felt safe even when terrified."

Role Training for Social Services

Utilising the Psychodramatic Method

3 x 3 weekly sessions 2013

When: Friday afternoons 1pm - 4.30pm
July 26th - August 16th
October 18th - November 1st

Where: Tui House, 57 Greenwood St, Motueka.
Cost: $40 per session.

Role training is an action method and a tool for professional and personal growth. The dramas of life and work are enacted, as both a rehearsal and a preparation for best assisting and empowering your clients. Experiencing psychodrama offers possibilities for change and human evolution, for individuals, groups and society. You don't have to have any experience of role training or psychodrama to benefit.
Maximum 8 participants.

Dare to Dream - Saturday afternoon Psychodrama Groups

When: April 20th & 27th 1pm - 4:30pm

Where: Tui House, 57 Greenwood St, Motueka.

Cost: $40 per session.

Experience the magic of connecting with yourself, your dreams and any obstacles you face in making your dreams come true. Enjoy a supportive, warm, invigorating and growthful group environment at Tui House.
Maximum 8 participants.

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